Millennial Monday Spotlight Brandon E. Miller

What inspires you? Seeing other people relentlessly pursue their passion

Social Media Handles: @thatguybmills (IG/Twitter), /brandonemiller (linkedin)

Your favorite song currently and the artist: Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down x Diddy (Forever Favorite, *Diddy bops*)

Currently reading: “Ditch Your Average Job and Start an Epic Business and Score the Life You Want” Daniel DiPiazza

Favorite spot in your city:  LA Fitness or Katy Trail

Sweet Tea or Lemonade (it’s a Southern thing): Sweet Tea

Describe yourself in one word: Relentless

If you attended University/College, where did you graduate: Georgia Institute of Technology


If you are Greek, which organization: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Favorite place to visit/vacation: Anywhere where my family and friends are.

Interview Questions

Background information. Where are you from? If not from Texas, how did you and your family settle here?

This is a challenging question for me, I will always claim Denver, CO because that’s where I lived the longest. Before moving to Denver at 11 years old, I lived in seven states and moved nine times – I was everywhere. After graduating high school, I moved to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech, moved to Charlotte for a short stent after graduation, and finally made my way to Dallas.

Please provide 3-4 sentences about your role in the community or in your field, industry or career. What do you do? How did this “role” come about? How and why are you best known by others?

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what my “title” is, but truth is I have a few. I’m an IT Consultant focusing on implementation of enterprise solutions for consumer products and life science companies, there I also chair the companies Diversity Council where I work to provide positive growth in when it comes to the firm’s inclusivity and equity.

I also consider myself a “serial side hustler and change agent” as I’ve started a number of entrepreneurial ventures and initiatives. I own a graphic design and branding agency, a nonprofit that focuses on cultivating young African American Entrepreneurs, another nonprofit that creatively raises funds to equip youth in underserved communities with passports and travel-related resources, and lastly through my personal brand – I run a motivational platform and e-commerce sight that revolves around ‘embracing your greatness.’

Did you attend college and/or have formal training in your respective field or industry? If so, please elaborate on the year you graduated and from what institution.

Although I’m not an engineer, graduating with a Biomedical Engineering degree and minor in Technology and Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology was perfect for not only my nine-to-five career but also my entrepreneurial ventures. As an IT Consultant, my education gave me a lot of insight into the life science and medical industry, but more importantly, it taught me how to be a problem solver. Boiled down, engineering is learning how to identify a problem, deconstruct it, ideate a solution and optimize the impact. Sounds, a lot like entrepreneurship, right?

How long have you been in this career? What did you do previously?

I started working at my current IT company right after graduating college, I’ve been with them a little over three years now.

What long-term goals do you have? What steps are you currently taking in this direction?

My long-term plan still seems to change quite frequently, but the goal remains intact. I want to use my creativity, philanthropic mindset, and passion for entrepreneurship to grow a platform to help individuals embrace their greatness and build their brand on a macro-scale. Now, I can’t give away all my secrets, but I would love to couple technology, community, and service and a really unique way.

For now, I’m tirelessly working to grow my influence, my connections, and help others turn their passion into a paycheck. I’m also working on some resources, events, and processes to help optimize this.

Tell us about your social media presence. Do you use it in your line of work? Why or why not, is it important in your day-to-day responsibilities, platform or career?

I am ALWAYS on social media! I think it is the single-handed most efficient way to connect with others, build your brand, tell your story, and market your business. Each social media platform I use serves a distinctly different purpose. For example, LinkedIn is primarily used for my nine-to-five It’s a platform for sharing projects I’m working on, finding client leads, and discussing topics like workplace diversity. I use twitter for my personal brand to share resources, articles, news, and tips. Instagram, now that’s my bread and butter, it’s how I connect and interact with people, promote my brand, events, and passions.

Which public figures, role models and or historical figure shaped your goals as a child and in adulthood? Any that embodies your personal values?

As a child, I think my dad and Muhammad Ali were my biggest role models. My dad traveled a lot for work when I was younger, which I surprisingly thought was cool I used to think he was out saving the world or something, yet he always found time to coach my sports team and hang out with my little brother and I. There is one memory that cracks me up to this day, I had to interview my dad for an elementary school project and for some reason I thought my dad made $107 (like, that’s it), I thought this man was the richest person alive.

Today, I really draw a lot of inspiration from Shawn Carter and Sean Combs – I really dig how they can combine their mogul mentality, creativity, network, and business acumen to impact and inspire the culture.

 What does it mean to you to be a millennial? How do you share that with others in your life, those you meet and with your peers?

To me, being a millennial is flipping every negative connotation associated with the term and making it work for us. We aren’t selfish, but we know what are passions are, and those passions are our priority. We don’t all want a trophy for showing up, but we do want you to acknowledge our worth. We may seem easily sidetracked, but we work smart and utilize our resources.

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